Editing, coaching and other support for scientific communication

Could you use some support for your scientific communication in English?
I can help – if what you’re looking for is personal, intelligent, thorough assistance!
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I’ll edit your scientific manuscript in English. You can expect a treatment based on a real scientific intelligence and exceptional text competence – careful and purposeful work to make sure your story and language are good.

Other media
Researchers, especially at universities, often have to communicate subject content in other media than just classic research articles. I have experience translating curricula, brochures for continuing education courses, etc. – and even subtitles for videos, including exact spotting, which you can see here: https://gmint.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/videos/

Do you have the feeling that you’re not making progress with your writing in English? From my experience as an editor, I have the impression that even experienced scientists often get a bit stuck at a certain level. Within the overall, spectrum of language competence it is a high level, but still: something is missing. I can help you escape from this plateau. The things we’ll need to work on are language topics that aren’t usually covered in courses on scientific writing. Out of my editing and translating experience, out of books like these, and then in a course I teach at FH Joanneum, I have developed my own course concept to fill this gap.

The relevant topics are things like reader orientation, coherence, information distribution in sentences, paragraphing, and, in order to see clearly the different tools we have for these purposes in German and English, a comparison of sentence structure in the two languages. Do these topics sound a bit foreign to you? I guess they would probably be more familiar to students of language-related subjects. The books where I learned about these topics are written for linguistically informed readers. In my course concept, I try to make these things accessible for people who haven’t studied linguistics.

For our personal interaction in individual coaching, I can draw on my experience in the FH course and also on my experience as an English trainer. As a result, I can offer researchers at all career levels, from undergraduates to professors, a solidly based and encouraging coaching that will enable them to put their scientific stories and arguments in a more readable, understandable and persuasive form.

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