Translations from German to English, with love for your thing – and your target group

  • Do you have a clear message? An excellent product? A unique service?
  • Do you take care of the people you work for, or the people you work with, in a special way, and do you want to make that come across in writing?
  • Does your thing make a real contribution to sustainability?
  • Is your work area related to my subject background (as a biochemist – so, for example, medicine or pharmaceuticals)?
  • Have you developed something technical or scientific that is as elegant as it is profound?
  • Or your product the kind of thing that nobody really gets excited about, but everybody relies on to just work, without misunderstandings or cockups, and which should present a friendly but unobtrusive interface?
  • Do you and I share the same heartfelt dislike of bullshit?

All of these are good starting points for working with me. If you are looking a translator who will care about your story, who really wants to understand what you’re about and communicate that, then I might be who you want. I am a translator with a deep love of the work, and a lot of experience in very diverse text types.

If you look over at this post, you can see a selection of the jobs I’ve done over the years. You will see that I have a focus on engineering and science – but also quite a few other things besides. What matters to me is that you know what you want to say – and you want a close working relationship with your translator. If you have already come to an understanding that the various options on the spectrum from “quick and cheap” to “free and instant” won’t do what you need, what I offer is more or less the opposite. I do it personally and with a lot of care.

For this and all my services, you can always contact me for a free first consultation.