How not to despair in the era of information overload! – Text work, coaching, consulting

Do you want your target group to have an unmistakable impression of you? Do you want to persuade people that you are taking care of their needs and concerns in a way that nobody else does? I’m confident that we can find a story and a style that enable you to do that.

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Don’t despair!
We humans have a pretty good sense for when other people give a shit about us. Yes, there’s a new scam every minute. But bullshit ages fast; we see through it – that’s what humans do, we’re good at it. How humans communicate with humans, how we earn and give trust, how we learn to cooperate, how we share ideas with each other and structure arguments, how we explain and discuss things: all of these things are not becoming obsolete. If anything, in the age when the flood of information seems to be getting worse and more opaque by the day, we need to do these things even better. People find ways. We find ways to each other and ways to create good things together. How we do that fascinates me. And maybe I can help you with it.

English first: base texts
If your business or project operates internationally, isn’t the English version of your texts the most important one? Why write the text in German first and then translate it (with the constraints that implies for the English version)? Wouldn’t it make more sense to develop the English version first and then the German one? I can come and do a briefing with you where you tell me all about your product/your service/your project (in German, in English, mixed, with whatever texts and materials you already have) – and then I’ll write a base text for you in English which you can adapt and develop further for different media and channels.

Coaching writing skills
You already communicate a lot in English, right? That’s just the reality in many professions and roles these days. But do you have a feeling that something is lacking, or that you want to develop your communication skills in English further? Let’s have a look at that together! With my experience as a translator and editor, and with the approach to teaching technical writing that I’ve developed in my FH course, I can help you move forward. Yes we can grow your own writing skills! We can work on reader orientation, coherence, information distribution and sentence structure: whatever is most relevant to your own texts and writing efforts. Personalized coaching just for you.

USP workshop/consultation
What is it that makes your company, your product, your service really unique? Can you explain it in German? And how about English? Are all your departments on the same page? Your R&D nerds, your sales team, the people who make your marketing media? Would it be an interesting exercise to get people from all these disciplines together for a chat in English? To tell their versions of the story and see how they fit together? At the minimum a good English exercise, at best you discover some new themes that you can use in your communication. And I get some insights that I can use in writing texts for you.

Editing with a purpose
Are you a team of writers/editors who have to develop and maintain a house style? How’s that going? Do all the rules that you set make sense? Do you sometimes have differences of opinion about details, and could it be that these sometimes distract you from your focus on the target group (in a team that has to decide on stuff together, that would be only human)? Is your shared vision of the target group, and how you should address them, true? Are your ideas about the target group fresh, or a bit tired? If you think it would help for a mature editor/writer/coach, with the ability to sense where you want to take your communication efforts towards your target group, to listen to what you’re doing, then maybe I can help? I’m not the guy who knows it all, but I do have a certain amount of experience in reflecting on communication goals and how to reach them with written language. And, for example in my client relationships as a translator and editor, I have some practice in articulating these things in an understandable and friendly way. Thanks to my slightly different career path I am a bit independent of the usual editors’ folklore. If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch – let’s have a look at this together!

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