stories about stuff, for people

Together, we can reach people

Translations from German to English, with love for your thing – and your target group

A self-portrait in six contrasts

Some apparent opposites I’m happy with

“Native Speaker” isn’t a qualification

An annoying comment that keeps popping up in reviews of scientific manuscripts


(short one)

If you want to be a top-notch writer …

Books on English-German contrasts and writing in English

Together, we can communicate your science

Editing, coaching and other support for scientific communication

Together, we can find your voice!

Text work, coaching, consulting

Got bike, gonna ride it

Another thing I do

My work biography

How did I become the kind of translator, editor and coach that I am? (long read)

What got me hooked?

Books on translation

My god, what have I done?

Some of my favourite translating jobs

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